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Managed Services, DRS, backup…

We meet the highest requirements and always work towards finding the maximum competitiveness of your business because we have global solutions for your needs.

We provide you with an excellent technological platform, professionals specialized in systems and applications management with tried and tested process methodology.

You no longer need to have all the knowledge and resources to manage your technology infrastructure. We do it for you.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services will allow you access to the latest tools and a team of people who are highly qualified in systems supervision and administration.

We guarantee you a stable and secure environment with cost control, an engineering and operations team at hand, server monitoring, improved management and 24×7 support service.

24×7 supervision to ensure the visibility of your services at all times and an immediate response in the event of any incident. Advanced supervision for proactively avoiding possible incidents and the optimal running of your applications in any scenario.

Application Performance Management is a critical part of any organization’s IT performance strategy. Econocloud offers an excellent solution under the partner AppDynamics.

If you think you need help with your technology infrastructure, we encourage you to tell us about your case so we can come up with the most suitable solution according to your requirements.

The solution is in the cloud

Every day you strive to offer your customers unique services that stand out from your competitors. Your technological needs for your critical applications are also different to other companies.

Whatever your industry sector, we will be your trusted close partner, offering you a set of secure solutions that will allow you to focus on your business.


Due to the nature and demands of your online business, we prepare a robust platform to withstand large peaks of activity concentration over short periods of time.

Digital Marketing

Ensure the availability of your service when launching large-scale marketing campaigns: we have specific solutions to withstand exceptional high peaks of activity.


Leave the running of your ERP or business management system in good hands with Econocloud. We are committed to maintaining a very high level of technical support and technology.

IT Outsourcing

Outsource your infrastructure. We offer you a global end-to-end solution. Make sure you always have the most suitable solutions and focus on your business.

Are you prepared to face a service drop or cyberattack?

You probably already have a backup but now it is possible to recover in minutes what used to take days. At Econocloud we automate the external copying of your critical information.

We guarantee the availability of your business because we have the technology, processes and experts at your service to provide the highest security for your critical applications.

Disaster Recovery Services (DRS)

We recover data in a matter of minutes to keep your business running smoothly.

Econocloud Backup

Backing up and guaranteeing the availability of your business has never been easier. Free yourself from managing the backups of your critical data: Veeam Cloud Connect and Zerto Virtual Replication.


Physical or virtual firewalls fit seamlessly into the cloud environment.

Load Balancing

Our load balancing and acceleration services ensure availability and suitability at all times.

Econocloud Anti-DDoS

In the event of denial of service attacks, we will filter the attacking traffic directed towards your infrastructure and only let the legitimate traffic through, thus avoiding compromising the stability of your business.


We exercise access control through our intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Infrastructure, experts and processes

There are multiple forms and solutions for your business when moving to the cloud and all have our infrastructure, our experts and our processes as guarantees to help the competitiveness of your business. We understand your needs and create global solutions that meet your highest requirements.


Pay-per-second, speed in delivery, elasticity… cloud services management has multiple advantages and multiple forms, which is why it has revolutionised the traditional model of IT service delivery.

Virtual desktop

With Econocloud DaaS (Desktop as a Service) you will have fast and constantly updated desktops. Endless manual equipment updates are a thing of the past. Plus, in just three clicks, you can create and modify the profiles and desktops you need. No more investment in equipment: We have licences and thin clients for a fixed monthly fee.


Fast, secure and economical corporate email for companies. Email has become an essential working tool for all companies regardless of their size and sector. We provide 24×7 support.


We have a wide range of storage options, all of which can be fully integrated with our cloud solutions: dedicated or shared storage with SSD and Flash technology, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Econocloud Files…


We use four different internet providers for redundant connection. Our telecommunications solutions help secure data in the case of sensitive data traffic. Choose your type of connectivity to connect to our data centres.

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