Expansión: cloud computing

“Why Telepizza, Iberdrola or Heineken goes to the cloud”, says the deputy director and digital head of Expansión, Pedro Biurrun, in his economic blog “Chicken Statistics”: https://www.expansion.com/blogs/statistics-chicken/2019/10/24/by-que-telepizza-iberdrola-o-heineken.html

From Econocloud, of Econocom Group, Damián Pascual, its head of responsibility, explains:

“Among the many advantages of the cloud, there is the ability to better manage costs, moving from capex to opex, modulating its operability based on real needs. That is: moving from some investments in fixed fixed capital (capex) at a periodic cost to keep the company running (opex). It’s like having a tap that allows it to be opened when we have, for example, greater demand. ”

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