Cloud computing according to Econocloud

With Econocloud we guarantee infrastructure + service for uploading and managing your critical information in the cloud. We accompany you all the way. We take care of your data. We replicate your most valuable information in our data centres in Madrid + Barcelona. We have the technology know-how for your business.

The Econocloud public cloud was created with a clear view to provide a service to companies with critical load applications. In our infrastructure, we implement QoS (Quality of Service) techniques, which allow us to prioritize data traffic for an excellent browsing experience, and to ensure high performance, in addition to the intrinsic cost savings.

Pay-per-minute, auto-scalable and with scheduling

By delegating the design and implementation to Econocloud, we’ll deliver your platform in the cloud up and running, ready for production – “turn-key”. We take care of everything: cloud architecture, security, monitoring, patch updates and scalability of your dedicated cloud.

High performance, dedicated cloud

Some resources cannot exist in the public cloud if we take into account compliance limitations, performance requirements, and security restrictions. For this reason, we offer you a complete solution tailored to your needs, your private cloud on-premise combined with Econocloud’s public cloud and having multiple forms of integration: API, Cloud manager or vCloud. Switch to the hybrid cloud.

Combine dedicated and shared resources

Our data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art security facilities, with high redundancy, availability and energy efficiency, and for this reason we offer you our colocation or housing service to house your infrastructure in our data centres: you rent racks and spaces in our data centres.

Enjoy the service of colocation in a TIER III data centre

Cloud Expertise

Our cloud expertise allow us to offer you a certified team of technology experts, with proven processes in the implementation and management of critical infrastructures, to design and deliver turnkey projects and provide you with services tailored to your needs.

  • Cloud hosting, on demand and pool
  • Cloud4Oracle, Cloud4SAP, Cloud4HANA
  • DRS solutions & Anti-DDoS
  • Cloud Manager: Monitor and control your services in real time
  • Professional Services: Consulting, RIM, 24×7 supervision and monitoring

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